Shades of Aqua

I finally picked up some paint swatches at Home Depot to repaint the grey portion of our nightstands! You may recall that the drawers are a cool teal with silver handles. The rest of the cabinets are a light grey, but because the paint wasn’t sealed before we moved, the nightstands got all scuffed up during their travels across the country.

Master Bedroom Shuffle Nightstand

I pulled ton of colors and here are the two that I have narrowed it down to.  I want the shade I choose to work with our bright Ikea curtains, and I’m VERY wary of it looking baby blue.  (No thanks!)  The one swatch card is more blue and the other more green.
Nightstand Paint Chip Choices

Here’s the names of the colors that I’m choosing between.  The forerunners are Tide Pools, Aqua Breeze, and Country Mist (in that order).  I’m concerned that tide pools will be too green, but I’m also worried that aqua breeze will read baby blue, while country mist may be too white.  Decisions decisions.

Nightstand Paint Chip Choices with Color Names

Do you have a favorite?





2 thoughts on “Shades of Aqua

    • I was just looking at the photos, thinking that the colors are so hard to read. That being said they’re almost just as hard to read in the room especially as the light changes throughout the day! Thanks for weighing in – Country Mist was my initial favorite, but then I asked the husband’s opinion…

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