Writer’s Block is Bad for the Budget & a Poll

Yesterday I was afflicted with a case of writer’s block.  As I was taking a break from my typing a few words, deleting them all rhythm, I started thinking about inexpensive ways I could add some color / other art over our couch.

I  love Mandi’s giant DIY string art, but I’m not really a heart person.

{Please pin from original source}

I’m wondering if I could do something similar but do a bold pattern of some sort instead.  I’m loving honeycomb right now – but I’m not sure if just outlining each hexagon would look like much {or take a year and a half to complete}.  I also like the idea of doing color blocking – something super simple but it might have a big impact.  Along the same lines of color-blocking – what about some stripey/blocky art inspiration?  I’m also loving arrows right now.  Here’s the inspiration photos for the patterns mentioned above.

String Art Ideas

{Please pin from original sources – linked above}

What would you do?  Save me from my own indecision please?


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block is Bad for the Budget & a Poll

  1. I somehow posted a comment to the poll, so I’m not sure if you’ll see it lol so here it is again!

    What about some sort of combination of colour blocking and honeycomb? Like a large canvas filled with honeycombs and only some of them filled with colour. Does that make sense? lol

    • Ooh, that’s thinking outside of the box! And it could look REALLY pretty. Hmm, wheels spinning about the possibilities! Thanks for the idea, Steph!

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