Organized Entryway

This post has been a long time coming! I think we bought the bookshelf 3 or 4 months ago! But it is finally done.

Entryway Organized Entry Closet


We have a half-sized water heater, which is behind a built-in plywood enclosure on the left side of the closet. For the longest time we struggled with how to organize this closet & maximize storage space. Here’s the space with the doors closed.

Entryway Closed Doors


The closet is to the right of our front door. Those black things to the left are Ikea shoe organizers. Definitely some of the best money we’ve ever spent! Especially in the summer when I have 10 or so pairs of flip flops in rotation, it’s nice to have them easy to access but out of sight. We also added some unobtrusive coat hooks to the doors for guests or for our damp coats.

We squeezed a TON of storage into this space & I tried to make it look presentable enough that if someone leaves the door open I don’t feel ashamed of the mess! The first step was to add an inexpensive bookcase in front of the built-in (totally nowhere near square) plywood box. I wanted to use boxes from Ikea for organization, but we ended up going with these cube organizers and I’m so happy we did! I also covered the backboard of the bookshelf with chevron contact paper before attaching it to the shelves.

Entryway Organized Closet with Bookshelf and Boxes


Next I added this (labeled as a) bathroom organizer to the wall (with cup-hooks to hold our gloves, scarves & other small winter gear. I wasn’t looking for something with hooks – but they have come in very handy for corralling scarves and umbrellas. This guy might have to have a run-in with some colorful spray-paint when the weather warms up!

Entryway Organized Closet with Basket for Gloves and Scarves


We used the top shelf for our storage boxes right from the start. Sometimes it’s nice that these boxes are see-through, but it wasn’t in this case, so I used some more of the chevron contact paper to disguise the contents. The TJs bag next to the paint bin hides in-progress projects and my drop-cloths are on top of the bin. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a full-sized bin for the paint stuff?

Entryway Organized Closet with Shelfpaper on Storage Boxes


Here is a run-down of everything we squeezed into this closet.


Entryway Organized Entry Closet Details



  1. Disguised storage boxes {using chevron contact paper}
  2. Over-the-door hooks for guest coats {the over-the-door version of these}
  3. Hangers for our winter coats {including Penny’s puffy winter coat}
  4. Hanging basket for gloves & scarves
  5. Andy’s golf clubs
  6. Storage bins {with our emergency supplies}
  7. Re-covered box for paper bags & USPS flat rate boxes {with faux bois paper from Target’s $ section}
  8. Bookcase with storage boxes
  9. On top of the bookshelf we have a receipt box and I created a landing spot with a trinket tray. On the built-in plywood box we have file holders with our everyday files, a re-covered box for reusable shopping bags & in the back is Penny’s travel bag. There’s also a piggy bank for loose change, a mail sorter for coupons, & a flashlight. On the wall we have a plastic bag organizer & a key holder.
  10. Ikea shoe organizers

Here is a detail shot showing some of the items in #9

Entryway Organized Closet - The Details

And one last look. Overall I’m happy with the organization attempt. I’m not crazy about the color of the faux bois paper I used, so I think I might re-recover the cardboard boxes – perhaps in grey? I also plan on adding some labels to the brown bins’ handles. How do you use you entryway closet?

Entryway Organized Entry Closet


6 thoughts on “Organized Entryway

  1. Nice job–that’s a lot of stuff in there! I keep seeing that Ikea shoe storage around….I’m impressed by how much they seem to hold given how unobtrusive they are. Sadly, we have no entryway closet. Our house is weird. We have EIGHT closets (two of them walk-in) upstairs and none downstairs. My vacuum cleaner is so homeless.

    • Thanks Gretchen! I love those Ikea shoe holders. They have also held up amazingly well – we’ve had them for almost 4 years.

      Ugh, no closets downstairs?!? That’s a challenge! I’m convinced that all house / apartment architects are men & don’t believe that vacuum cleaners deserve homes.

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