New Pattern Love: Houndstooth

I’ve been looking for the perfect paper to use as the mat/background in the large frames hanging above our couch.  I’m planning on switching the engineering prints out for full-color photo prints.  However, Costco’s affordable photo prints only go up to 20″ x 30″ – which means that there will be a border between the photo and the frame.  I’ve been considering faux bois or stripes, but I wasn’t sold & I wanted something that wouldn’t compete with the photo itself.

Houndstooth Wrapping Paper

Then, when I wasn’t even looking, I found this gorgeous houndstooth wrapping paper at Marshalls for a steal! And I immediately knew it would be perfect in our living room.  The paper is thick with a little bit of an orange-peel texture (bad on walls and your thighs, good on paper).  Oh and did I mention that there’s 12 FEET on the roll?  I’ll have to think of more projects to use this paper for!

Houndstooth Wrapping Paper DetailsWhat is your favorite pattern?  You know I love chevron (in the living room, dining room, bedroom, closet, guest room, office nook) and I’m really becoming intrigued by honeycomb / hexagon (so much so that I’ve started a Pinterest board dedicated to the pattern).

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3 thoughts on “New Pattern Love: Houndstooth

    • I LOVE those runners! Gorgeous and so pretty with the Christmas decorations too. At which store did you find the fabric? Sarah
      PS Your Christmas decorations were so pretty & festive!

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