Guestroom Snack Bucket

Hope you had a good weekend! I’m back today to share a super simple project with you. Andy loves buckets of popcorn & recently cleared out this bucket. I love the graphic red and white stripes, but there was this giant logo/label printed on the front of the bucket.  Luckily, I had some extra chalkboard paper contact paper lying around, and I decided to combine the two.
Guest Room Snack Bucket - Cover-up with Chalkboard Paper

I simply eye-balled how big a square I would need & used the grid on the back of the paper to make sure my sides were of equal length (and straight). I used to basic rule for sticking down contact paper – smooth out the bubbles as you go! (You can see how I worked from right to left in the picture above).

Guest Room Snack Bucket

I plan on writing a note on the chalkboard paper – when I find my chalk-ink pen that is, oh and when I decide on what to write.  I’m thinking of {Be our Guest} or {Help Yourself}. Here’s an example of what it might look like.

GR Popcorn Bucket - Example note

I also plan is to fill it with water bottles and snacks (probably a back of chips or trail-mix & something sweet too) next time we have guests.  What items would you like to find in a guestroom snack bucket?


5 thoughts on “Guestroom Snack Bucket

    • Thanks Leah! Yea, I got lucky because Andy found this bucket on clearance last month, so it was hanging around our house & didn’t get tossed out with the holiday papers & boxes. There’s always next year … 🙂

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