January & February in Review

Yes, I am fully aware that it’s almost April.  What can I say, I’m a little behind the times…  As a bonus, you may have already forgotten what projects I tackled way back in January and February, so it will be like new content!

In January I redid my office nook in the living room, we re-arranged our bedroom & added some new curtains.  We also updated our Hemnes dresser with some new teal knobs and Penelope was her ever-adorable self.

Desk - OverviewMaster Bedroom Progress on ArtBedroom Dresser Update - All 6Hello


In February I added re-covered bar stools to my standing desk.  I sewed new pillow covers for the living room & redid the coffee table / ottoman.  For the Pinterest Challenge I created a necklace organizer and updated my boring lampshade.  Looks like a lot of attention got focused on the living room this month!  As always Penelope did her best to be adorable.

Desk - Barstools times 2 New Pillows Overhead  Necklace Frames Lamp Shade Update - DIY Painted Navy Stripe and New PillowsPenny and Mr Monkey Napping


Did you do anything in the first two months of the year?


Guest Ready Guest Room: Little Details

We’re having some more over-night guests stay with us next month!  We’re pretty excited because it’s my in-laws & we can’t wait to do some cool DC area things with them.  As this is the first apartment where we’ve had an actual guest room, I’m trying to make it a nice and comfortable place to stay.  There are lots of little details that still need to be figured out, but I wanted to share one of the latest addition to the room today.

Guest Ready Guest Room -Water Bottle + Glasses for Guests

We’ve stopped buying bottled water (other than our emergency water) so I’ve been looking for a water carafe for the guest room.  My one requirement was that it had a lid or top of some sort.  Yesterday, during a quick stop at Marshalls I spotted this carafe.  Perfect!  (And only $3.99).  The color is a great match to the bright blue chair and blue frame & I love that there’s no question about what it’s for.

Guest Ready Guest Room - The Details

I added some fun thrifted amber glass water glasses (to tie in with the yellow in the room) and a pretty navy blue catch-all (from Michaels).  The sandstone coasters were wedding gifts from Crate and Barrel.  I’ll probably remove the bottle’s tag moments before I run out the door to pick up our guests at the airport.

What do you do to get ready for guests?

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Bringing (Plant)Life Indoors

You may have noticed that I’ve been dreaming of warmer weather lately.  This is my first winter EVER in a place where it snows and my first winter on the East Coast after more than a decade in Southern California!  So, needless to say, I’m ready for warmer weather! Especially since this is what I woke up to on Monday morning.

Snowy Spring Day in VA 2013.jpg

Last week, I shared an idea board for our patio.  Despite it being the first full week of Spring, things do not feel very Spring-y around here and I have not done anything to cheer up our outdoor space.  Instead I’ve been thinking about adding some more plants indoors.  I’m very good at killing indoor plants, so the only one I haven’t killed recently is a beautiful orchid I received as a hostess gift.  Go me!  We have nice deep windowsills in this house, so I’d love to add a  few pots with herbs to the one in the dining room and one or two regular plants to each bedroom.  I’d also like to add at least two plants to our living room.

You might already know that I love Ikea’s Kardemum pots.  Unfortunately, I gave a bunch of them to my Mom at some stage.  Well yay for her, but not so yay for me wanting more of them…  I still  have 3 large ones – which I think I’ll use for the herbs and I’ll probably pick up a few of the small ones for my indoor plants since they’re so inexpensive.

Here are some plants and planters I found when looking through the indoor/outdoor Spring items that my favorite stores have to offer.

Bringing (Plant)Life Indoors - Favorite Finds


Source list (from left-to-right, top-to-bottom):

  1.  White plant pots
  2. Green planter
  3. Succulents
  4. Hedgehog Planter / Soap Dish
  5. Watering Can
  6. Halo Planters
  7. Small potted plants
  8. Aqua mini-planter



How To Add Social Media Buttons to WordPress

On Monday, I posted about my new social media buttons, which I LOVE.  I still have no idea how to create them from scratch & get the correct icon images on them, so I got mine from Olivia at My Favourite Things.  There are tons of free sets available, so find a background color you like and save them all!
Instagram Social Media IconPinterest Social Media IconBloglovin Social Media IconEmail Social Media IconTwitter Social Media IconRSS Feed Social Media Icon
Now that you have your buttons, you need to add them to your blog!  If you use WordPress (like me) I have an awesome shortcut for you!  Disclaimer: I don’t really know what I’m doing, I’m just sharing what worked for me!  {If you use Blogger, check out Olivia‘s How-To}

First, go to your Dashboard, click on Appearance & then Widgets.   Once you’ve click on widgets find “Text” in the available Widgets table.  Next, click and drag “Text” over to your primary sidebar.

Add Text Box to Primary Sidebar

This is where the shortcut comes in.  Instead of typing HTML in the text box, leave this page and go create a new blog post (but don’t publish it).  Upload all of your icons to that post and arrange them in an order that you like – remember that the side bar is approximately three buttons wide.

Add Social Media Buttons

Now click on the first button, and click on the image box that shows up.  Scroll down to Link URL

Edit Link URL

Add the URL for where you want the button to take you.  I’m editing the Instagram button here, so I’m linking the button to my instagram page.  Do the same thing for the rest of your buttons, I did the same for Pinterest, Bloglovin’, and Twitter.  For RSS I linked it to the page that clicking on my RSS link takes me.  To be honest, I don’t really understand how and why RSS exists, so I’m not too concerned about it.

For email, I just linked the button to my current “Contact Us” page.

When you’re done here, save everything as a draft.  Then click over from “Visual” to “Text” so that you get the HTML of what you just created.  Simply copy and paste all the code into that text box you added to your primary side bar previously.  (You’ll have to click on Appearance >> Widgets again & then just find “Text” in your primary side bar.)  Paste the text & click save.  Now go check out your blog to make sure everything works!

How to Add Social Media Buttons in WP

Look at you!  You have Social Media Buttons on your blog!

Some of you were also asking how I made the Bloglovin’ button

To make the Bloglovin’ one, I used PicMonkey or Paint.  Matching the color is easier in Paint, but there are lots of pretty free fonts in PicMonkey.  Either way, import one of the existing buttons.  Then create a circle (or shape) over the existing icon in the same color as the background, so that you have a blank circle, like so

Blank Mint Button

Next add the script.  I simply added a “B” in a font and size that I liked & then I added a heart separately   Make sure your text color is white and not the same as your background color!  Here are two different Bloglovin’ buttons I created.  The one on the left with Paint and the one on the right with PicMonkey.  I think you can see that the one on the right’s color is slightly off – nothing serious, but unlike in paint, there’s no paint dropper tool to use to match the color (or if there is I can’t find it!).

Bloglovin Social Media Icon Option 2 Bloglovin Social Media Icon

I hope you found this to be an easy way to add buttons to your blog!  Let me know if you have any questions.  Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m just sharing what worked for me!

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Social Media Buttons

Did you notice my cute new social media buttons?
Instagram Social Media IconPinterest Social Media IconBloglovin Social Media IconEmail Social Media IconTwitter Social Media IconRSS Feed Social Media Icon
I recently noticed that Steph at Building This Nest had fun social media icons & I wanted them too, but I had no idea how to make or use them.  A quick google blog search later (I didn’t find anything on the first page of Pinterest) I found Olivia at My Favourite Things.  And guess what? She made these gorgeous mint buttons to share FOR FREE!  Not only that, she also has a post about how to add them to your blog.  It took me very little time to get it all set up & I couldn’t be happier with how it looks.  I did DIY one for Bloglovin’ as the set didn’t come with one.

What do you think?  I think they look much better than the random icons I had before & are nice and easy for people to find.  Do you use social media icon buttons?

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Front

I’m so happy with this quilt!  This is only my second one that I put together all by myself.  My mom started making these for her friends quite a few years ago & when my friends starting having babies, mom kept on making them on my behalf – with some input and help from  me.  My first solo attempt at a rag quilt didn’t go very well & mom had to restitch the whole thing.  This was the day I learned about the value of spending the few extra dollars to get Gutterman thread…

I don’t have a picture of my first {successful} quilt, but will get some next time I’m hanging out with the little lady who received it.  Here’s an instagram sneak peak of the main fabric I used, which I posted many months ago when I was working on it.

Pink Paisley Sneak Peak

I found the pink foxes fabric on a trip to JoAnns when I wasn’t even looking for any fabric, but I was immediately head-over-heels for it.  I also found the bright pink houndstooth on the same trip & you know how I feel about houndstooth!  I matched the very bright colors with some lighter pinks and whites from my stash.  The greatest thing about the foxy fabric is that it has so many shades of pink in it, that almost all the pinks from my stash matched!

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Close-up

You can see why it’s called a “rag” quilt in the photo above.  It’s not because its made from rags, but because you stitch it to allow the edges to fray creating soft ribs along the seam lines.  The nice part of this blanket is that it’s MADE to be washed and tumble dried, because it’s been washed at least three times before you gift it & it only gets softer with each wash.

Here’s what it looks like from the other side – much more like a regular quilt.

Pink Foxes Rag Quilt - Back

I won’t say this is a quick quilt to make, but I love giving something homemade, so it’s worth the work.  Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!  Do you make handmade baby gifts?  Do you have go-to gifts for specific ages?

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Just a Few Things: Four to be Exact


I decided on “Country Mist” for the nightstands.  While I was at Home Depot picking up supplies for another project, I thought I’d grab a sample size of the color too.  However, when I asked them to mix the color, the guy came back and said that he can’t make that color in sample size and that he’ll color-match it for me.  Wait what?!?  So, I asked why he couldn’t make it for me in the sample size & he explained that the color formula couldn’t be divided to that small a quantity.  Sounds kind of weird, but it makes some sense to me.  What didn’t make sense is that he thought that color-matching was an option.  If Behr says we can’t do this color, why would his color-matching computer have a better idea of how to make it happen?

Anyways, his advice was to “just go pick a different color”.  Uh, thanks.  It’s not like I spend a lot of time agonizing over this exact shade of teal.  Oh wait. I did.     New Plan: Get a sample size of Tide Pools {fingers crossed} and water it down with some plaster of paris to make DIY chalk paint and hope the color gets closer to “Country Mist”

Nightstand Paint Chip Choices with Color Names


The ballots are in, and in my poll of which pattern I should use for my DIY string art, you voted for honeycomb / hexagons.  I ran the idea by Andy, who also agreed with you smarty-pant voters & I picked up the necessary supplies this weekend.  Hexagon string art is happening.  Side note: this is a really LOUD project!  I hope the neighbors don’t hate me by the time I’m done…

Hexagon String Art Progress


I’m obsessed with this shower curtain.  I still really love the stripey one we have in the bathroom, but I also want this one.

World Market Elephant Shower Curtain


I have switched my blogroll to Bloglovin’ and have been using that instead of Google Reader.  It took a little bit of playing around to figure out how to use all the features, but so far I’m loving it.  I also downloaded the app & really enjoy using that to check blogs on the go.  I’d say the number one benefit of Bloglovin’ is that I can comment on a blog without having to leave my blog feed.  Yay for more comments, right?
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