Lamp Update Ideas

Well I have to say, I seem to have pretty good timing with my desire to continue updating the living room.  As you may have heard, the Pinterest Challenge is back!  Also, this time it is co-hosted by one of my favorite blogs, Decor and the Dog!

Since the consensus from your comments was that I should do something with the boring beige lampshade, I plan on taking it on as my Pinterest challenge.  Here’s the culprit – Mr. “Boring Lamp.”

Design Dilemma - Boring Lamp

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been pinning / considering for taking my lamp from boring to fun.  (Each picture should take you to the pin & the source beyond that).





Now I just need to decide on a process & pick a color!  Are you planning on tackling a project for the Pinterest challenge?

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6 thoughts on “Lamp Update Ideas

  1. I just purchased a lamp EXACTLY like that one on ebay. i’m going to use the Looking
    Glass Spray Paint and the methods that are all over the net to knock off expensive Mercury Glass lamps at Pottery Barn, etc. Not my original idea but currently right on trend so I read on the blogs I follow. Most of these tutorials indicate using a mist of waterand also some acrylic paint in black or metallic. I was thinking of adding some Duck Egg Blue to that formula to pick up some of the accent color of the furniture I’ve painted for the room. I also think I’m going with painting the shade the chevron pattern. I’m pretty much thinking that trend will be short lived and I’ll need to update the look in a while but I’m thinking that Mercury Glass look will be longer lasting. Who knows what might be trending by summer???

    • I’ve always thought this lamp would look good with the faux mercury glass effect! You should definitely go for it. I don’t think that effect is right for this room, so I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the lamp base – I’ve been considering painting it a solid color. I think you’re right that the chevron will be out of fashion before we know it, but I do love it so! Mercury glass is definitely more classic, so it should be worth the effort.

  2. I really like the first one, very fun!
    I actually started on something a few days ago that is a spin on something I pinned, so that worked out well! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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