Color Infusion

Infusions happen slowly right?  Because that’s how I feel about the progress in the living room.  I LOVE the new pillows, although I’m contemplating adding one or two more to the mix.

New Pillows View from the Chair


I also recovered the coffee table / ottoman & I LOVE the grey dots!  My only complaint is that is shows all the rug fibers that get transferred when we bum around with our feet on the table.

New Pillows Overhead

I do think I need to add some more color & life to this room & here are some of the options I’m considering

  1. Switch B&W pictures above couch out for color versions
  2. Paint grey frame over bookcase – I’m thinking navy blue
  3. Dye rattan chair cushion covers dark blue
  4. Figure out a way to add curtains over the ugly blinds
  5. Switch out the side table lamp for something more colorful & modern


New Pillows Couch


Notice those two blue and red blankets draped over the sofa arms?  They are our “African blankets.”  Best travel souvenir EVER.  They are super warm and cuddly & they go in the washer & the dryer without a problem – which is good because Penny also things they’re super warm and cuddly!


One thought on “Color Infusion

  1. I like the idea of switching out the prints over the sofa for color ones. I LOVE b&w prints, but I can definitely see some color there livening up the room. And curtains are always a fun way to add some excitement to a room…..I need some to make my dining room less sleepy.

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