What’s better than Christmas?

A Christmas gift that arrives in February!  How fun is that? I opened the package to find The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook.

Smitten Kitchen Book

I’ve followed Deb’s blog for a few years & this book made its way onto my wishlist as soon as it was listed for pre-order on Amazon.  I haven’t made any recipes from the book, YET, but I just love paging through it and enjoying all the great photos and recipes.  Speaking of the blog, look at the latest recipe – Salted Caramel Brownies – drool!

Her grilled eggplant and olive pizza is a favorite of ours.

Do you have a favorite Smitten Kitchen recipe?  What about a favorite food blog?


6 thoughts on “What’s better than Christmas?

    • Yes, you MUST read her blog. Even if it’s not gluten free / paleo her ideas & photography alone is worth it.
      I did switch up the blog layout – thanks for noticing! I wanted something a little different that made it easier to find things. I hope it works as I intended…

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