Even a standing desk needs a chair!

Here they are! Now I can sit for part of the day & we have some extra seating for guests too! I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the store and realized that the stools were oil-rubbed bronze, not black. They match nicely with the dresser – although now I’m considering spray-painting the legs on the desk…

Desk - with barstools

The brown pleather on the seats did not do much to make the stools look less inexpensive than they were, so as planned, I recovered the seats with some left-over fabric.  I decided not to remove the pleather and just stapled the fabric over the top, then built the stools as per the instructions in the box.
Desk - New Stools
Oh and did I mention that now I have a seat for my little co-worker? She loves hanging out on the seat next to me or on my lap.

Desk - Barstools times 2

Happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Even a standing desk needs a chair!

  1. That’s the cutest little co-worker! Isn’t it funny how pets just want to be right beside you when you’re doing things? lol It reminds me of that cat food commercial where the guy says “It’s hard to get any work done when my boss is so snuggly”. Daily occurrence at our house! lol The stools look great 🙂

    • Thanks Steph! I think she’s pretty cute too 🙂 I didn’t know that ad, but I just googled it, and it is absolutely hilarious! I can totally see that happening to me on a conference call too. Haha.

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