A little blue, a little green, and a lot less grey

Here’s a semi-recent picture of our living room.

Yes, yes, I know. Boring. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to add some color.
Living Room with Engineering Prints 1

On Friday, I finally committed to another set of fun fabrics.

Living Room Fabrics

I still plan on keeping at least one of my charcoal polka dot pillows, of course!

I think this will do a lot to liven up the room.  I also picked up three 20″x20″ down pillow inserts at Ikea this weekend, so the hope is that the couch pillows will look a bit squishier & more inviting!

Do you have a favorite fabric?  I’m hoping that I don’t tire of the chevron too quickly!  I still love my chevron rug, so I think that’s a good sign.

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6 thoughts on “A little blue, a little green, and a lot less grey

  1. I like Jo Ann’s fabric– I tend to buy fabric when they are having their 50% off sale. I’ve heard about fabric outlets, but never been to one myself. Picking out fabric is hard!

    • JoAnns is great! Their prices can’t be beat for cotton and flannel (especially on sale / with a coupon), but for home decor weight their prices and selection leave something to be desired.

      I can’t wait for my fabric to arrive – fingers crossed it doesn’t get stuck in the snow somewhere!

    • Thanks Caitlin! I love finding affordable fabric because then I can change things up every year or two. Have you checked out Fabric.com for Ikat – I seem to recall seeing some decent prices on there when I was shopping for these geometric lovelies.

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