Small {Teal} Changes

This weekend we made a few updates around the house.  It involved a trip to Ikea, spending some quality time with an Allen wrench, and another trip to Pier 1.  Here’s the first of the updates.  You’ll have to wait to see the others until we get some daylight around here, today’s foggy weather were not optimal for picture taking.

Bedroom Dresser Update - All 6

Last week, when I shared our newly rearranged bedroom, I really realized how drab our room was! In an effort to add some color to our bedroom, we picked up these teal and gold knobs at Pier One for, wait for it, 49 cents each!  Can you believe that?

Bedroom Dresser Update

I like that the gold ties in with the gold mirror and the teal is a great match for the teal accessories we already have.  Plus, they’re fun!

Oh and you might notice in the background that we also picked up some new curtains at Ikea.  I had seen these online, but didn’t really care for them.  However, I really like them in store & the multiple shades of navy and teal along with green seemed like the perfect punch of color!

Bedroom Dresser Curtain Update

What do you think?  Did you make any updates to your home this weekend?

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2 thoughts on “Small {Teal} Changes

  1. Love the knobs and thankfully we have a Pier 1 close by. I’ve got the perfect spot for them. Thanks for the inspiration! Your space is really coming together… can’t wait to see what’s next!

    • Thanks Danielle! I hope you find some at your Pier One. I can’t believe what a difference the knobs made to that dresser – I definitely dislike it a lot less now. Although I still planning on getting around to painting it some (relatively) soon!

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