Master bedroom Shuffle

Master Bedroom Shuffle

This is what our bedroom looks like after I decided, on Sunday afternoon, that it was time to move our bed onto a different wall.  When we first moved into our apartment, we thought it would be nice to put the bed on the window wall.  What I didn’t realize was that (a) the bed would partially block the window and (b) this room is really really cold in the Winter!

Here’s what it looked like before:

Bedroom - View from the Door

I think the room makes much more sense now!  Although it felt a little weird sleeping the “wrong way” in the room last night.  Of course, this room is far from complete.  I absolutely love the bed & our extra dining room chair has finally found a good spot in the corner under the window! (Don’t mind little Ms. Photo-bomber).

Master Bedroom Shuffle Bed Master Bedroom Shuffle Chair

There are two obvious areas where things can improve.  The first is the dresser / mirror area across from the door.  The second (as you’ve heard only about a million times) are the nightstands’ color.

Master Bedroom Shuffle Dresser Master Bedroom Shuffle Nightstand

When it comes to the dresser area, I think the whole thing looks to yellow.  So (1) would be to change up the mirror frame.  It looks good from afar, but up close you notice the need for some TLC.  (2) I should find some nicer storage boxes for my “lotions and potions” and jewelry.  (3) I also think the dresser could do with a coat of paint.  It’s actual wood (although via Ikea) but has taken on a yellow hue over time.  I’m thinking white… or perhaps a shade brighter than whatever goes on the nightstands…. (4) Last but not least, I still owe Penelope a crate cover.  I think a fun printed cover that matches the room will make the crate less of an eyesore.

The nightstands also need to be updated.  As I mentioned before, I LOVE our bed. I need to do something to tie the nightstands in with the bed a bit better.  I’ve contemplated a whole host of different colors.  I think a solid color (maybe something more muted than whats on the drawers now) would work well.  Any thoughts?

Here’s one last look.  I still need to sort out / re-arrange the art.  I feel like I gained an extra wall to decorate now that we moved the bed!   (Can you tell I love rearranging things?)

Master Bedroom Shuffle Overview

What did you do this weekend?

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8 thoughts on “Master bedroom Shuffle

    • Thanks! I had been saying that about our bedroom for a few months now & I think the rearranged furniture is finally giving me the inspiration I need to pick some paint colors!

  1. I love it! Especially the new curtains. It feels good to change things up doesn’t it?
    I am just about to do the same thing. I’m so sick of our bedroom. I just told Kyle yesterday that I’m thinking about painting all the furniture and swapping our bedroom furniture with the guest room. I don’t think he’s going to be happy with all the extra heavy lifting 😉

    • Yes, a little change goes a long way! I like the darker curtains better for winter too, although I REALLY wish the person who planned the window placement left at least a little gap between the corner of the room and the window. Oh well.
      I love the idea of switching your furniture with the guestroom. Why not? And if Kyle complains about the heavy lifting, tell him its good for him 😉

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