House Goals for 2013

1. Redo the office nook tie into the living room!

Naked Desk


There’s the old, very messy view.  Things have started changing already.  For Christmas Andy built me a new desktop & I painted it bright blue!  Next, I plan to add a dresser to help keep the clutter at bay.  Oh and a different chair.  One that will hopefully promote more standing & less sitting!

2. Fix up the other side of the guest room before any guests arrive!

Guest Room @ ournextgreatadventure

This is the good side.  The rattan love seat is in there for the winter, so I want to add some fun scatter cushions to tie it in.  I also decided that I hate the gallery wall, so I plan on taking all the pictures down & trying something else.

3. Finish up the entryway closet organization project.

Entryway Closet Sneak Peek


We added a cheapo bookshelf & some fabric bins, which are working out GREAT.  I still need a better solution for our winter accessories (gloves, boot liners, earwarmers).  I’m thinking of adding some baskets to the wall, but I’m yet to find the perfect ones.

4. Update the master bedroom

Bedroom Gallery Wall


It’s official, we’ve lived with those scuffed up nightstands for more than 6 months.  It’s time to get a painting!  Also, that gallery wall needs fixing.  I’m thinking perhaps I’m getting tired of gallery walls, but with lots of smaller art pieces, I don’t have much of a choice.  Guess I’ll just have to figure it out.

5. Update living room fabrics

Keepsake Calico Swivel Capri Fabric for Couch CushionsI got this gorgeous fabric from Jo-Anns a while ago to make new scatter cushion covers for the living room.  This is my official promise to do that (and soon!)  I’m also playing around with the idea of switching out the ottoman fabric (but I may come to my senses).

What’s on your house to do list for this year?  I’m hoping that the items listed above will be checked off the list before Summer gets here, but we’ll see.  At least I have a public record of my goals.

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