Working Hard for the Money!

Desk - Overview
I’m finally (very close to being) done with the re-do of the desk area in our living room. Working from home is great & I love not being locked up in the extra bedroom, but that also means all of mess genius was in the living room for all the world to see.  So one of this month’s projects was to get it all under control!

We had a little snafu with the DIY desk top which Andy and I made – each plank bowed to a perfect arc.  Lovely.  If anyone knows what we did wrong, please let me know!  Anywhoo, that’s water under the bridge, so we picked up an inexpensive bright green desktop at Ikea.
Desk - Dresser Mirrors Art
We also grabbed this glass-front dresser to store all my papers and other office things!  That ways I can pretend to be this super neat person, because I can just pile all my papers into a drawer at the end of the day.

I’ve added some fun accessories to the top of the dresser – partly to pretty things up, and partly to minimize the surface area on which we can stick things!
Desk - Orchids Desk - Dresser Styling
Overall I think I was pretty successful at incorporating a desk area into our living room. I’ll test this theory during our Superbowl party this weekend – I plan to remove the printer and monitor and setting up either a food or a drink station on the desk.
Desk - Bright Green
The next step is to add some bar stools to the desk – to sit on while I’m working (although not ALL day!) and to use for extra seating when we’re having a party.  I picked up two of these bar stools yesterday & I plan on recovering them with some fabric that is left over form my living room pillow fabric.  Hopefully it works out as planned & I’ll have a post to share with you by Friday!

Desk - New Stools

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Master Bedroom Progress

Last week I shared the new knobs we added to the dresser in the Master Bedroom & also gave you a sneak peek of our new curtains.  Today, I am back to show you the room with the new curtains & a few pieces of art added to the window wall.
Master Bedroom Progress
The curtains are very bright, but in the last week or so, they’ve grown on me. I love the punch of color they bring into the room!  This week I’ve paired them with our new navy and white stripe duvet. (Don’t hate me when I tell you I scored that West Elm beauty for just $9.99!)  I’ve also added some bright green pillows that have been kicked out of the living room & our teal chevron pillows.
Master Bedroom Progress on Art
After art-hanging paralysis (or should I call it art re-hanging paralysis), I’ve finally figured out an arrangement that I like!  I realized that I like my gallery walls to be super simple & symmetric, so that’s what I went with.  The four pieces on the left are done.  Clearly, the four on the right need some more work.  I want to transform the two white canvases using this technique to add some more black & white art.  I’m still undecided as to what art to add into the far right frames, so for know I popped some pieces of art we already owned in the frames.  I’m thinking some more bright color though!  (Oh and Miss. Photobomb was trying to get back into bed & away from the cold in this picture).
Master Bedroom Progress Penny Approves
There is still a lot of projects left to do in this room, but it’s starting to make sense to me. Young House Love really hit the nail on the head when they said “the middle makes no sense“!

Next up; art for over the bed and/or some paint on the nightstands.  What were you up to this long/inauguration weekend?
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It’s here!

I was so concerned that my package from would get stuck in the snow.  Luckily it didn’t! And to make things even better, the UPS guy came by super early today.  I immediately ripped open the package to see if my fabric choices were as pretty in person as they were on my screen.

Fabric Arrival Photo

And they are GORGEOUS!  The blues are a perfect match for the blue & green patterned fabric, and although the greens are slightly different, they work really well together.  I can’t wait to pull the sewing machine out & make some new cushion covers!

What do you have planned for this weekend?

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A little blue, a little green, and a lot less grey

Here’s a semi-recent picture of our living room.

Yes, yes, I know. Boring. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to add some color.
Living Room with Engineering Prints 1

On Friday, I finally committed to another set of fun fabrics.

Living Room Fabrics

I still plan on keeping at least one of my charcoal polka dot pillows, of course!

I think this will do a lot to liven up the room.  I also picked up three 20″x20″ down pillow inserts at Ikea this weekend, so the hope is that the couch pillows will look a bit squishier & more inviting!

Do you have a favorite fabric?  I’m hoping that I don’t tire of the chevron too quickly!  I still love my chevron rug, so I think that’s a good sign.

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Photo Evidence

Some photo evidence of our existence last week.

First up, fancy frittata dinner.  (Mushrooms, spinach, feta, green onions & a side salad).
Fancy Frittata Dinner

Next up, Penny found a ball at the park.  She got possessive.  The ball was ejected from the game park for everyone’s safety.

Penny Plays Ball

Final thoughts; Penny loves to snuggle after Andy gets out of bed. Here she’s taken over my side of the bed, including my pillow, & refuses to wake up.
Penny Sleeps In

Small {Teal} Changes

This weekend we made a few updates around the house.  It involved a trip to Ikea, spending some quality time with an Allen wrench, and another trip to Pier 1.  Here’s the first of the updates.  You’ll have to wait to see the others until we get some daylight around here, today’s foggy weather were not optimal for picture taking.

Bedroom Dresser Update - All 6

Last week, when I shared our newly rearranged bedroom, I really realized how drab our room was! In an effort to add some color to our bedroom, we picked up these teal and gold knobs at Pier One for, wait for it, 49 cents each!  Can you believe that?

Bedroom Dresser Update

I like that the gold ties in with the gold mirror and the teal is a great match for the teal accessories we already have.  Plus, they’re fun!

Oh and you might notice in the background that we also picked up some new curtains at Ikea.  I had seen these online, but didn’t really care for them.  However, I really like them in store & the multiple shades of navy and teal along with green seemed like the perfect punch of color!

Bedroom Dresser Curtain Update

What do you think?  Did you make any updates to your home this weekend?

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