Gluten Free Restaurant Options

Some of you may know that I follow a gluten free diet. I don’t see it as too big a pain, because I truly feel much healthier. However, it can be an occasional pain in the but when you’re in a new city or with people who aren’t familiar with why/how to eat gluten free.

So to keep track of some great restaurant options, I’ve started a new Pinterest board {Gluten Free Restaurant Options}. I’m hoping that by making it public, other people can benefit too. Just to be clear, this is not a list of restaurants that are completely gluten free, but restaurants that offer yummy gluten-free alternatives. So if you’re highly allergic / sensitive you should do more research on whether or not these restaurants are a good option for you.

Going Gluten Free

Here are a few recent favorites:

1. S’Mac (aka Sarita’s Macaroni and Cheese) in NYC offers a gluten free option for every item on their menu. I had the Mediterranean & it was delicious. Next time I’m in NYC, I plan on trying the Parisienne!

2. Roti Mediterranean Grill in the DC Metro area (and beyond) has delicious gluten free options and lots of locations in the touristy parts of town.

3. Tara Thai also in the DC Metro area offers some gluten free options (be sure to ask for the gluten free menu when you sit down). Their Pad Thai is seriously delicious!

If you have a restaurant to add, just leave a note in the comments. If you’re also gluten free and want to be able to pin to this board, let me know!

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2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Restaurant Options

  1. This is great Sarah! I’m not GF, but a very good friend of mine here in Austin is. Going to share this with her so she can keep track of different restaurants for if she travels, plus she might be able to provide some fun restaurants you can add that are in the Austin area. 🙂

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