Christmas Corners: Living Room

I love adding Christmas decorations all around the house.  I thought it would be fun to share one or two of those “Christmas corners” every Wednesday in December.

On the side table, next to the Christmas tree, I switched out our pumpkin and polka dot paper that were left over from Halloween/Fall decorations for a sheet of Christmas wrapping paper, our Christmas nutcracker gnomes, a cute “Merry Christmas” side plate, and a green vase I found at the thrift store a while ago.

Since our television is turned at an angle, there is some dead space in the “open corner”.  I’ve added the extra green lamp in there, but I thought it could use a few Christmas decorations here too. I added a selection of boxes and a large jingle bell that were already in our Christmas bin.  The reindeer box is a Christmas card box & is actually full of Christmas cards – I hope I remember this when I’m looking for some non-photo cards to send out…

Do you have “Christmas corners” in your house?

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Corners: Living Room

  1. So very festive! I love filling little corners in our home with holiday pretties. I even have some things snuck into the bathroom. 😉 Love those little gnomes. Too cute! Thanks so much for linking up to Dare to DIY.

  2. Yes I have christmas corners as well, mainly in the living room. I dont have a mantle so I have to spread the love elsewhere 🙂 Im getting pretty excited for christmas seeing your cuite little ornaments!

    • Oh I like that – “spread the love elsewhere”! I especially like that everything doesn’t have to match perfectly, since it’s not all in the same spot! Thanks for stopping by!

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