Jumping on the {Reindeer} Bandwagon

I did it!  I jumped on the reindeer bandwagon.  But of course, given my current love of felt and heat ‘n bond, I put my own little twist on it & made another pillow for the dining room bench.Christmas DIY Reindeer Pillow

I was inspired by these ladies & lots of reindeer silhouette spotting on Pinterest. (Click on each picture to go to each glitter reindeer silhouette post).


As you may have noticed, all of my inspiration pictures are glitter reindeer. But (and I might be ousted from the blogosphere for admitting this) we don’t do glitter in this house.  Andy and I hate how it sticks to everything and gets everywhere.

I used the same deer head silhouette as Kelsey from Daisy Dreaming.  Then I used heat and bond to attach my felt deer head to my fabric & I whipped up an envelope pillow cover.  (I have a bit more information on the process in this post.)  I was out of the red gingham, so I used these black and white “pebbles” as the back fabric for the pillow & I think the black ties in nicely with the chalkboard chargers.

Christmas DIY Reindeer Applique Pillow Side View

Here are both my festive pillows on the bench.  I kind of love it!  I have a feeling these guys will be making a regular appearance at Christmas from now on.

Christmas DIY Pillows

Are you still decorating for Christmas, or is everything squared away?

I’ll be sharing this post here:



16 thoughts on “Jumping on the {Reindeer} Bandwagon

  1. Your pillows look great!! I love that you used a different fabric on the backs. And I’m glad you got some inspiration from my reindeer 🙂 I do agree about glitter being a pain and sticking to everything…I just can’t stay away from it at Christmas though! haha

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