Christmas Joy (on a pillow)

I’ve been meaning to update our teal chevron pillows on the dining room bench for Christmas to better match with all the red accents I’ve added in the dining room.  My mom sent me a massive pack of red cloth napkins that she found for a steal, so I re-purposed one of them as a fun red pillow cover.

Christmas DIY Felt Applique Pillow Cover Pic

Clearly, I wasn’t planning on just having a boring plain red pillow on my bench, so I added some felt letters with heat and bond.  The process was actually really easy & the whole project took less than an hour from start to finish (including putting everything away again)!

Christmas DIY Felt Applique Pillow Process

First I printed out the word “JOY” – I used Georgia size 570 which meant that “JO” was on one page, and “Y” was on a second page.  Then I taped the letters backwards on a big window and traced on the paper side of my heat and bond.  Next I cut out the letters from the heat and bond & peeled off the paper side.  Place the letters on your fabric and decide on placement.  Using a warm (not hot) iron, gentle press onto the letters. (Remember, you’re trying to melt the glue, not iron out any creases!).  When your letters are stuck on, flip the fabric over and iron on the back of the fabric.  This gets the heat closer to the glue and ensures a strong bond.

Christmas DIY Felt Applique Pillow Side ViewFor the back, I briefly considered using some white with black polka dots fabric that I have lying around, but then I found some red gingham in my fabric stash.  The reds were a great match, so I thought the gingham would be fun.  I made a quick envelope pillow cover – it uses a little more fabric, but there’s no hand sewing involved & it’s super easy to change out the cover. (Jackie from Teal and Lime has a great tutorial on making envelope pillow covers).

I think this little pillow turned out great.  The nice part about the felt letters is that you don’t have to worry about fraying, so you don’t need to stitch around the letters like you would when appliqueing with cotton.

Christmas DIY Felt Applique Pillow

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16 thoughts on “Christmas Joy (on a pillow)

  1. That looks great! Stuff like this makes me really want to break out my long neglected sewing machine. Even I could make a pillow, I think (if I can remember how to thread the machine)

    • Thanks! It’s just straight line sewing, so you could definitely make a pillow too (and I’m sure youtube or google can help with the threading instructions)! Sarah

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