Happy Holiday Table

Today I’m participating in the Home for the Holidays: Tablescapes link-up.  Kristin from Bliss is hosting today’s party, so make sure to hop on over there and check out all the awesome ideas!

On Tuesday I shared my red and green table with my DIY table overlay and DIY chalkboard chargers.  You can check out the details on how I tackled each DIY project here.

I though it would be fun to stick with the same general idea, but change up the look of the table by changing out the table overlay. Here is my green and blue Christmas table. I think adding some navy sashes to the chairs would be a great touch, but since I don’t have those, I left the chairs naked.

To tie in the lime green in the overlay, I added some bright green pillows from the living room, and flipped the teal chevron pillows to their black and white polka dot sides.  Although I changed up the colors, I kept the gnomes on the table because they are just too adorable not to snap photos of!

Lastly, I want to share a fun everyday table setting with you.  Although I’m not usually one to throw fake dinner parties, I like having my chargers out on the table during the holidays.  Also, I feel like I can leave the table set up in this way without making it difficult to actually eat dinner here.

How do you feel about leaving the table set all day?  (I have a feeling this is one of those strangely polarizing questions…)

I’m linking up at Bliss & the Home for the Holidays link-up.


9 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Table

    • Hi Sarah! Thanks 🙂 I have actually taken to making my own table cloths / table overlays. I use a plain white table cloth (from Crate and Barrel) as the base for when I use an overlay. And then I find fun home decor weight fabric on sale / with coupons to make the overlays. 54″ fabric is the perfect width for a full table cloth for my table & 45″ fabric makes a great overlay. Thanks for stopping by! Sarah

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