Dare to DIY: Christmas Table

I’m a little late to the party – blame it on a post-Thanksgiving fog or something… I did steal some time to start the Christmas decorating yesterday, so I can finally partake in the Dare to DIY challenge, hosted by Decor and the Dog, Maybe Matilda, Newly Woodwards, and Two Twenty One!

I (like Michelle) set the table for a fake little Christmas dinner party.  I like that I don’t have to be practical.  No silverware, no glasses, no space to actually put food on the table.  Details, details. I did set the table with my DIY chalk board chargers (details below), our Christmas plates (from Bed Bath and Beyond about 5 years ago, although Target has similar ones but with snowflakes), my DIY Christmas tablecloth overlay, red cloth napkins with silver edges (thanks Mom!), and our Nambe salt and pepper shakers.  I also added red vertical sashes to our chairs, (faux) red covers to the teal chevron pillows on the bench (I plan to make real ones soon!), and some red sashes to the curtains.

Of course, part of the challenge was actually to DIY something.  Now I do have a little confession to make, I DIYed most of this last year.  But since I’ve never shared it, it should count, right?

I painted some cheap Michaels chargers with chalkboard paint. I learned a lot about chalkboard paint through this process.  I first primed the chargers with some oil based primer.  Then I painted the chargers with Martha Stewart chalkboard paint.  Easy, right?  Except not.  It took about 10 coats per charger (the paint is thin and wasn’t giving good coverage).  It also did NOT look good when I wrote on it with regular chalk.  Ugh.  So I got some chalkboard spray paint, which worked MUCH better. Next time I’ll start with the spray-paint!  For this table setting I grabbed my chalkboard pen and wrote some Christmas-sy words at the top.  I really love how the chalk pen looks on the chargers!

Also, how cute are those World Market Christmas nutcracker gnomes? (These are last year’s models).  I also made a fun Christmas overlay.  As you can probably see if you scroll back up, I HATE ironing my white table cloths, so this is an easy way to hide the wrinkles!  I found this fabric at JoAnn’s last year – it’s home decor weight.  I simply had them cut a piece that was the same length as the width of the fabric (so that I had a square of fabric).  Then I sewed a narrow hem all around the fabric, and ta-da!  Overlay!

So that’s my table for a little faux Christmas party.  Perhaps I’ll have to invite some people?

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20 thoughts on “Dare to DIY: Christmas Table

    • Thanks Michelle! This is my first fake dinner party & I think it’s safe to declare it a success. I must say, these are much easier to throw than the real thing. I’m also really glad I got my act together & managed to share a DIY for this week’s Dare to DIY challenge. Thanks for hosting.

    • Thanks Anne! I love the addition of black to a brightly colored table. The chalk pen definitely makes the writing part easier & since I’ve added it to my craft box I love writing on chalk surfaces!

    • Thanks Lea! I didn’t coat them with anything after the spray paint. They do show a little wear (some scratches from getting stacked) so it might be good to store them with some tissue paper in-between. Since I like to be able to erase the writing, I don’t think sealing would work for me. If you want the look of chalkboard but don’t need to be able to erase the writing, I bet a coat or 2 of wipe on Poly would do the trick!

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