Christmas Tree Farm

We had an awesome Thanksgiving weekend in Massachusetts visiting some relatives.  We had lots and lots of great food, and lots of fun times with their 4 and 8 year old!  Penelope was so exhausted from all the playing, that she spent ALL day Sunday sleeping, waking only to eat and run outside to pee.

We took advantage of a absolutely beautiful day on Friday & after lunch we headed to the Christmas tree farm to help them pick out a tree. We had a lot of fun hunting for the perfect tree! Cutting it down was much easier than I thought it would be.  Here are the boys carting the tree back to the barn.

Although we didn’t get a tree for our house, we had a great time helping to pick out a tree! We got some blueberry wine, blueberry jam, blackberry jam, and even Penelope got some blueberry dog biscuits!  So that definitely makes up for the lack of a tree.  (Side note, while driving back home, we saw someone with a tree on the roof of their car & they weren’t just on the freeway for a few miles either. Poor windblown tree.)

Do you have a tree yet?


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