Doing things in reverse

Yesterday I posted about all the felt I got at JoAnns (with my coupons!) & I shared some of my favorite felt projects.  I’m seriously IN LOVE with Jackie from Teal & Lime’s Helvetica Reverse Applique Stockings.  Oh and if you’re currently trying to (or may ever need to) turn builder basic into beautiful, you should definitely follow her blog!  Here’s a close-up of one of her stockings.

I plan on shamelessly copying her gorgeous stockings for our own home.  We have some pretty burlap w/ green ribbon stockings from West Elm a few years ago (which I got on their after Christmas sale for a steal) but since Penelope must have a stocking & Andy and I don’t want to share a stocking (ala the Petersiks) I’m taking to DIYing some.

Before tackling the more advanced stocking-making (Teal & Lime has a great tutorial on this BTW), I decided to try my hand at a Christmas pillow for the guest room.

What do you think?  The front of the pillow is some light grey synthetic felt I found in the remnant bin (score!).  The fabric peeking through is navy blue cotton, and the back is an envelope closure of the same navy blue fabric.

I used PicMonkey’s “Sketch Block” font.  I created a blank white page in the “Create a Collage” option, saved it, then imported it into the “Edit a Photo” option and added the text.  Then I saved it and simply printed it out on my printer.  You can either print it in reverse (if you remember) or tape it to the window backwards and trace it onto the HeatnBond that way.

Is it perfect?  Heck no!  But I’m glad my first try was on a non-stokcing project.  I definitely learned a few things.  1. While the sharp pointy scissors are great for cutting out the letters, my regular fabric scissors are better for cutting the felt in general.  2. Use the paper letter to determine exactly where the little cut-out pieces (like the dot of the “R”) should go.  3. When ironing the backing fabric to the felt, press from the back (not over the cutout letters).  I think I’ll also take more time to ensure that my letters are crisp before ironing the backing fabric on next time.

And one last picture of how it looks against the blue and yellow bedding in the room.  The grey striped duvet cover is currently on our bed (it has the winter weight duvet in it), so instead of having the yellow duvet folded at the foot of the bed, it’s on the bed now.  And I flipped the king size pillows to their blue side since it was TOO much yellow with the chevron and the circles.

Have you ever tried your hand at reverse applique?  I love that the felt doesn’t fray – it’s the perfect fabric for this project!  (Thanks to Jackie for the wonderful inspiration!).



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4 thoughts on “Doing things in reverse

    • Thanks! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Now I want to make some more so I can switch out our regular pillows on the dining room bench for Christmas ones!

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