Favorite Finds: Felt Projects

I don’t have much experience working with felt.  To be honest, I don’t really like how it feels.  That, and fleece, and that weird super soft stuff they make some blankets and throws out of.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one?).

But this year I’m seeing awesome felt projects everywhere – especially perfect for Christmas decorating.  I’ve shared some of these before & others are newer finds.  You can find links to all of these projects on my Pinterest: Christmas – Decorate & DIY board (or see below for direct links).

Inspired by all of these projects & a 60% of Joanns coupon, I dragged my husband to the fabric store.  We came home with lots and lots of yards of gorgeous grey felt.  And a good amount of green and red felt too.  I really thought I wanted a green and blue Christmas, but the red and grey looked so amazing together that I couldn’t resist.

I also bought this gorgeous red, white, and gray “Merry Christmas” garland from Target. I realized the red is sneaking in, so I might as well embrace it!  I still don’t particularly like the look of red and green together, so perhaps our “modern tree” will be green and silver, while our traditional tree can be red and silver.  Decisions decisions….

Links to Favorite Finds:

  1. Christmas Tree Stocking
  2. DIY Helvetica Stockings from Teal & Lime
  3. Simple Felt Garland
  4. Red Felt Christmas Ornament
  5. Land of Nod inspired Felt Wreath
  6. Felt Christmas Tree Pins
  7. Scalloped Tree


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