Halfway there

This weekend we started lots of projects, but finished very few.

We decided to re-organize our entry way coat closet.  It’s a bit of a weird closet, as it houses the water heater too. It means on one side of the closet we have about 11″ between the closet door and the weird plywood box built around our water heater. After lots of googling around, we decided that our best option would be a cheap-o bookcase from Target.  It had the right dimensions, the right price (cheap cheap cheap), and since it would be hidden inside the closet, we figured the melamine wouldn’t be too much of an eyesore.

As you can see, I did line it with my chevron contact paper.  I’ve finally finished up the first two rolls.  I did consider lining it with something else, but it’s hard to argue with self-stick paper….  I’ll show a full reveal shot once we get our storage boxes bought, built and filled.

Penelope did her part to build the bookcase. (Ignore the rats nest of wires behind her, please!)  Please note her new leopard print pajamas.  Adorable!


I also found some gorgeous fabric for our living room.  I realized that we need bigger, lighter colored scatter cushions on the couch, and have been on the lookout for something.  This weekend, I found the perfect print at Jo-Anns.  I think I want to do the back in a contrasting fabric and color, but I haven’t decided what yet ….


Oh and Penelope got some more new sweaters, since she looks ridiculous in her extra small ones now that we got her some properly fitting ones.  Guess she grew more than we thought!  Here she is showing of her pink plaid one.


Hopefully I’ll be able to share the pretty and organized coat closet before the end of the week.  The pillows may take a little longer …

What did you do this weekend?


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