There should be Thanksgiving music, don’t you think?  It feels weird to still have pumpkins around while blasting Jingle Bells.  But I LOVE my adorable little Pilgrim turkey, so that helps to suppress the desire to break out the Christmas tree!

I got this little faux nutcracker at World Market.  They sent me a $10 gift certificate for my birthday.  I spent a (long) while wandering around the store trying to decide what I wanted to buy.  I considered adding two more Christmas gnomes to my Christmas decorations, but then I decided two was enough.  I considered splurging on this gorgeous infinity scarf, but I would have had to pay in $10, so I added it to my Christmas list instead.  Then I found this guy.  How cute is he?  And I only had to pay in $2.99. Score!

Here he is hanging out with our Halloween candy pumpkin and some tulips I added to my basket on a whim.

I also replaced our “Boo!” banner and Halloween bats with a more Thanksgiving appropriate banner.  The front entry looks a little sad.  I’m thinking that perhaps I should paint the white mirror frames.  Any thoughts on color?

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?


6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. He IS cute!!! I love getting those birthday gift cards from World Market! In fact, right this moment I’m wearing a top that I got with last year’s . . . kind of a flowy, hippie, top . . . so comfy. 🙂

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