Hurricane Sandy came past here yesterday. We weren’t hit hard and maintained power, except for a few flickers yesterday evening. However, with all the hurricane prep, I didn’t tackle a Pinterest project. (Insert sad face here). We did finally stock up on some emergency food supplies. I also vacuumed the whole house, washed every single piece of laundry, and made sure to keep the number of dirty dishes down.

Mostly we just sat at home. Penny wondered were the squirrels were hiding and barked at falling branches.

Our thoughts are with those more affected by the storm. Stay safe!


2 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. Glad to hear you weren’t too affected by Sandy. Our lights flickered a little bit too but we never lost power. I was pretty worried so I had bought a generator on Friday. Of course, since we were prepared, we didn’t need it.

    • Always better to be over-prepared right? We got a small gas camping stove that we didn’t end up needing, but I definitely didn’t want to eat cold tuna and beans for multiple days if we did lose power!

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