Coffee Table Ottoman

Kristen recently posted about coffee tables over on her awesome blog, Bliss.  And it made me realize, that I’ve never blogged about turning an old coffee table into an ottoman!

I button-tufted it, which is not a task for the faint of heart.  It took 7 hours (with the help of my awesome friend Sasha) to get it done.  When I get tired of the fabric I will definitely NOT be tufting it again.  I used this tutorial from Little Green Notebook and it worked (it was just difficult)!  The base is 36″ square.  I had a piece of particle board cut to size, bought 3″ foam which I adhered with sprayglue, wrapped the whole thing in batting, and then stapled fabric on.  Oh and I bought blue fabric and covered my own buttons (another task in itself!).

I love how it looks with the green 97 cent West Elm tray on it.  I think navy blue would also be a great accent color. The little bits of brown also ties in nicely with the couch and the rattan base.

The cane/rattan/wicker base is part of a set which also matches the side chairs we have in the living room and the love seat we have in the guest room.  My dad bought this set more than 30 years ago.  I grew up with this set in our house and its special to have it in our house now.

When I build up the courage, I want to try to redo the corners using this tutorial (also from Little Green Notebook).

Have you ever attempted button tufting something?



P.S. I’m linking to these great blogs.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Table Ottoman

  1. Looks great! I have this same fabric in my basement – pillows and window treatments-in-progress. 🙂 I did do some tufting on a headboard in our master bedroom, and it’s definitely painstakingly precise and took much more time than I would have expected!

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