It’s that time again!

That’s right!  Time for the Pinterest Challenge.  Sherry (from Young House Love) and Katie (from BowerPower) are teaming up with Carmel (from Our Fifth House) and Sarah (from Ugly Duckling House) to host another get-off-your-butt-and-tackle-a-project-already Pinterest challenge!  Whoo!

It has to be done by Tuesday, so I’ve got a week to figure out what project to tackle.  Get all the supplies and get it done!  Of course, indecision has struck…

Should I get to making Penny a crate cover (which is already goal for October?)

Should I redo the canvas I painted in a chevron/herringbone pattern?  I have some ideas for big changes to make.  

I’m feeling inspired by these.

But also by these:


Or should I go with something that wasn’t on the October to do list at all?  Like a Christmas craft?


Oh the indecisiveness!  I better decide soon, or I won’t have anything to share come Tuesday.  Are you planning on checking something off your pinspiration list?



8 thoughts on “It’s that time again!

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  2. Map is awesome! I also love the look of the chevron pattern in the wooden frame.

    Crate cover! I would have never thought of it! I feel like my pup would probably just find a way to eat it….

    • Thanks for stopping by! That map is awesome right?! And I think it looks like it might be doable! As for the crate cover, I’m sure our pup Penelope would try to pull the cover off her crate and sleep on it. I’m thinking of making it more to hide the unsightliness of the create when she’s not in it (since she ONLY goes in it when we go somewhere without her).

        • Thanks! Penelope Poodle is such fun alliteration – we love it too. Her cage is in our room – ugh. So ugly, so it definitely needs some camouflage!
          PS your pup is ADORABLE!

          • Haha thanks. His name is Roux. We call him a variety of names, including Rouxbert, Rouxbear, Rouxster…. he totally found us, we love him. His cage was in our room, but I’m a light sleep and that didn’t work at all!

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