Photo Manipulation

My recent photo enlargements using engineering prints from staples led me to realize why I don’t like putting pictures up – without some editing pictures don’t look enough like art to my liking!  I think this picture looks gorgeous in black and white!

Clearly there is some editing in these pictures from cousin Katherine that makes them look so freaking gorgeous!  Whether it’s post-production editing or in-camera settings, let’s be honest – these pictures look WAY better than they would if I tried to take a picture of the same thing with my camera (or iphone).

I really want to include some of the pictures I took in Kenya into our decor at some point (probably when I redo the gallery wall in our bedroom), but again my ordinary snapshots just didn’t look enough like art.  Enter picmonkey! (I’m sure you could get these same effects in photoshop or some other photo editing software, but I UNDERSTAND picmonkey!)

Just look at the difference between these two pictures of an elephant rolling around in the dirt.  The first is blah – a typical tourist shot – taken with a point and shoot on a cloudy day with lots and lots of red dirt around.  I had a nightmare trying to change camera settings to get a better picture!

Now look at the edited picture.  It feels like it could have been taken in 1940 (if you don’t pay too much attention to the tech equipment the people in the background have with them!).

I don’t think I would put the edited one in my photo album, but if I’m going to hang it on the wall, I definitely would go with photo #2.  What about you?


2 thoughts on “Photo Manipulation

  1. That’s pretty cool and looks easy peasy. I ended up buying Photoshop Elements and taking an editing class from Nicole’s Classes. But now I feel like I need to edit every photo before posting it anywhere, so I’m posting far fewer photos. I kinda want a new iphone for xmas (I have the 4, so I guess that’s why the photos are crummy?) so I can take marginally better iphone photos. So lame given how much money I’ve invested in camera equipment and classes, right?!

    • Ooh, I think I might need to take an editing class. I have photoshop elements on my computer, but I just get frustrated trying to use it! I think having an easy to use camera (even if it’s an iphone) in your arsenal is important, it’s not always necessary to take super fancy photos!

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