Halloween 2012

We’re finally ready!  Not to hand out candy yet – candy certainly does NOT last almost 2 weeks in this house.  I’ll grab some a day or two before Halloween, just in case there are a few kids that stop by.

Here’s what our little entryway looks like at the moment.  We went with purple, black, and white.  I was planning on cutting out some bats, but Target’s inexpensive Halloween decorations won out (and I sold out and got some pre-cut bats).  They came in a big pack of black and purple, so I went with it!

A few bats also made it onto the lamp.

Finally, I dug out the Halloween spiders and they found a home, on some old hardcover books on the side table.  I also lined the green tray with some inexpensive wrapping paper.  I think it adds a fun touch!

Are you ready for Halloween?

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6 thoughts on “Halloween 2012

    • Thanks Michelle! I have to say, if it wasn’t for the Target $1 spot (for the banner) and big stack of foam bats I found in the Halloween section, the only Halloween decorations I would have are the two spiders. I just had no desire to set here and cut out bat shapes out of card stock. Sometimes its better to outsource the creativity!

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