Favorite Finds: Christmas Ornaments

I love looking at Christmas ornaments! When we got married, my husband and I started collecting one snowman ornament a year. Occasionally we’ll add an additional ornament if we find a nice one while traveling. I love that we have a little collection now. We try to find ones that aren’t breakable, in the hopes that they’ll be around for a while.

I learned the hard way in year 1 (when we only had about 3 ornaments to choose from by the time we started shopping for our ornament) that I should start my ornament perusing early.  In that processes I’ve found a few other ornaments that I love & I thought that I would round them up and share with you.  It looks like this year is a good year to be a reindeer ornament collector!

  1. Jumping Jack Reindeer Ornaments from Crate and Barrel
  2. Metal Leaping Reindeer Ornament Set from World Market
  3. Fabric Deer Ornament from Target
  4. Herringbone Fabric Deer Ornament Set from World Market
  5. Fabric Snowman with Plaid Scarf Ornament Set from World Market
  6. Wooly Winter Sport Penguin Ornaments from Crate and Barrel
  7. Porcelain Santa Ornament from West Elm
  8. Porcelain Elf Ornament from West Elm
  9. Shiny Metal Stars Ornament Set from Crate and Barrel

I want to go check out the snowmen @ #5 to see if one of them will be a good addition to our collection.  Do you have a favorite ornament type?



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