October To Do List

1. Touch up the art-above-the desk & paint one of the parallelograms a different color.  I’m thinking yellow or a deep teal.  I also want to paint over the white tape lines with white paint to get everything nice and crisp. There are also some spots that needs touching up, like the top left corner.

2. Hang the art sitting on the floor of guest room.  I love how graphic both these pieces are.  The one on the left is a thrift store find, and the one on the right is from LindsayClaytonDesigns on Etsy.   I think they’ll look great in the colorful guest room! And works well (in a strange way) with the bird fabric.  These pieces are heavy and our stud finder died, so hanging this art will involve a trip to the hardware store.

3. Make a cover for Penelope’s crate.  I’m inspired but this cover I found on Pinterest.  I think I’ll use some of the teal chevron I have left over.

4. Make a Halloween garland for the entryway.   I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do. Probably something with bats.  Maybe candy corn.  Here’s some pinspiration

5. Line the back of the Billy Bookshelf, where we keep our fancy glassware, in chevron contact paper.  It has etched glass doors, but since it’s dark brown, the piece feels very heavy.  I think covering the backboard with chevron paper will help to brighten up the piece.  Inspiration on the left, the actual bookshelf on the right.

What do you have planned for October?


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