September in Review

As you may recall, I like to challenge myself every month by posting a to-do list of projects I’d like to get done around here! I managed to check all 5 things off my list this month, and also squeeze in a few more things!

  1. I shared some of the living room updates I’ve made – here’s my desk corner.
  2. I showed you the teal chevron pillows I made for the dining room bench.
  3. I salvaged my “diamond in the rough” frame and stapled some fun birdy fabric in it.
  4. I shared some more living room updates – here’s the side table near the desk.
  5. I added some photographs into my West Elm frames.
  6. I painted a Herringbone design on a canvas for over my desk
  7. Before I added some photos, I switch out the repetitive prints for some colorful paper.

And for those of you wondering about item #6 (the “bonus item”) on my September to do list.  I realized that it makes more since to have open space in the entryway (Mom always knows best!) so we won’t be building or buying a table for that spot.  So consider #6 figured out!

And here’s a quick look at some of the other projects I completed / new finds we brought home / things we got up to.

What did you get done this month?


4 thoughts on “September in Review

  1. I LOVE this idea of setting the goals and looking back at what you’ve accomplished! I think I might have to try this going forward :). Thanks for the fabulous idea!

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