Birds in a frame.

Remember the sneak peek I showed you a few days ago?  Well the project is complete!

Can you believe this frame started off as this? I was actually embarrassed to carry it home!  I yanked out all the staples that held the picture and all the layers of matting in & carted everything but the frame back to the dumpster.  The picture had clearly sustained some water damage, but the frame was in good shape.

Using an “oops” sample of Behr paint in a yellowish-green color, I mixed up a batch of DIY chalk paint.  I did give the frame a rough sanding, to make sure the paint would adhere to the laminate surface. I also found that I got much better coverage using a foam brush. (In the picture below you can see the more streaky finish I got when I used a paintbrush.)

My mom had sent me some leftover pieces she had of this cute bird fabric.  Originally, the idea was the use it in the frames in the entryway, but the print was a bit too whimsical for that spot & I though the birds needed to be bigger.  The bird fabric is actually leftover pieces from some inexpensive “Eivor” Ikea curtains.  Would you believe that the cute fabric above is the same as in the picture?

I must have looked at these same curtains a dozen times on the Ikea website without realizing how cute the print is!  Just look at the close-ups of some of these birds!

To attach the fabric to the inside of the frame, I followed the same basic principle as you would to staple fabric around a canvas.  However, instead of pulling the fabric over the frame I pulled it tight within the frame & stapled the fabric to the inside edge of the frame (where the glass & art would normally rest).  See the staples below?  Start in the center and work your way out!

An easy and inexpensive project, that takes up a LOT of wall space!  Did I mention that my free frame is about 30″x30″?  I think it has just the right amount of whimsy for the guest room & the addition of some bright green works well with the grey / blue / yellow colors already in there.


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