Obsessed: DIY Wooden Wall Clocks

Did you guys see this awesome $150 bedroom makeover that Mandi from Vintage Revivals did?  I found her blog via Pinterest and immediately subscribed – she, and her blog, looks pretty awesome!

UPDATE: Mandi posted how she made the clocks BUT her clocks aren’t functional. Boo.  So before I tackle this project, I’ll have to figure out how to include the parts that make the clocks tick (literally).  Perhaps this can be an October to do list project?

She makes me want to paint a wall black (although I don’t think our apartment company would approve). Boo.  I am obsessed with the wall clocks on the left wall.  I also really want to know how she made the headboard.  Both items I can probably backward engineer, but I can’t wait for her to give more detail on what she did.

I’ve been wanting 3 clocks (for different time zones) in our house for a WHILE but could never find ones that I loved at a price I loved.  I posted about some Target ones a while back, but they weren’t quite right.  I like the look of the Retro Silent Clocks from Amazon but at $25 each, that’s a big dent in the old house decorating budget!  I love the time zone clock from World Market but I don’t like that I can’t choose the cities.  The price is pretty steep too.  The last one I’ve fallen in and out of love with is the green simple wood wall clock from West Elm, which again is perfect except for the price….

I love that the clocks Mandi made (I assume she made them) are customizable.  I can pick the color and the time zone location!  I think they’ll work above the TV, where I have an annoying blank spot.  See that blank spot I’m talking about?  It’s sort of cut off in this picture because it’s large and BLANK.  Boooring!

What do you think of Mandi’s awesome room transformation?  Anything you’re obsessed with?


2 thoughts on “Obsessed: DIY Wooden Wall Clocks

  1. I like the way that the clocks in the makeover room brought in the colors for other accessories. Also, did you do a story about the wall color matching the green dresser in your pic? I thought you may have talked about this before I found you. I’d love to hear about that. I just took a dresser top drawer out and made a media center out of the piece. I found it to be pretty easy but everyone that sees it marvels.

    • Hi Lou Ann! Yes, I think that’s the best part about the clocks! I think I want to tackle this project – perhaps do a green, a teal, and a blue clock face to match the accent colors in the living room. I think I just had a picture on the blog with bad lighting (ack!). I updated it to one with better lighting, although taking a picture of our dresser turned TV stand is a nightmare because of lighting angle. (Unless you’re talking about a different piece in the room?) Anyways, it’s an old dresser that we painted white (and dark grey on the inside). Our walls are actually an off-white/eggshell/beige color, with bright white trim and chair rail, so we thought white would look good. Here’s the post I did on how we transformed it from a dresser to a TV stand, although I don’t talk much about our color choices. (http://ournextgreatadventure.wordpress.com/2012/07/10/pinterest-challenge-new-tv-stand/). Glad yours turned out well & that people are impressed – that’s the biggest DIY compliment isn’t it?

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