Entryway Frames Get a Facelift

As you might recall, one item on my September to do list is to update my entryway frames.  I got a great deal at West Elm’s clearance sale, and picked up 5 frames for less than $5 each.  These are gorgeous frames – they have silver fronts with black sides and a beautiful natural linen look mat.  The only problem was that the big frames all had a picture of a woodpecker and the two little frames each had a picture of a bee.  Not exactly the look I was going for.

After a $1.75 investment at Michaels (there was a 40% sale and I had a 15% off everything coupon), I had 5 sheets of scrapbook paper in colors that go with the room’s colors.  I channeled John and Sherry and switched out my repetitive prints for something with a little more color.

I think this looks fine as-is for now, but ultimately I’d love to add some fun art prints – again, channeling my inner John and Sherry by placing the art on top of the colorful paper.

Yay for super cheap art!  Also, did you notice my adorable thrift store pumpkin peaking out from behind the lamp?  I promise to share more about my Fall finds in a future post!

PS. I’m linking to some of these great blogs:


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