Due to popular demand

You can read anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Penelope on her new “Penelope” page! (I’ve also copied the page below, for ease of enjoyment.)

10 things you didn’t know about Penelope (click to watch her chasing a butterfly)

  • She’s a toy poodle, and weighs 5 pounds.  I sometimes tell people she’s a miniature Portuguese water dog, just to mess with them.
  • She’ll be 1 on October 18.
  • She sleeps in our bed.  She started in her crate as a puppy, but our crazy neighbors made a ton of noise at random times, so turned out that everyone got a better night’s sleep with her in our room.
  • She knows sit, lie down, crawl, roll over, dance, wait, chill, up (in which she jumps into your arms, or onto the couch), give me five, sleep (when she flops onto her side), and get (which  means get out of the kitchen and sit down).  She’s working on “give me ten”.
  • We use a baby gate to keep her out of the guest room.  She can totally jump over the gate, but she will only do so if you’re on the other side.
  • She rings her bells when she needs to go outside.  Sometimes she rings them when she’s bored and wants to play.  She also rings them when she wants to chase a squirrel.
  • She gets a bath at least once a week.
  • She has allergies.  Both of us wake up sneezing some mornings.
  • She loves vegetables, almost as much as she loves the smell of bacon.
  • She plays fetch in the house, but when we’re outside she only chases & stops the ball, almost never bringing it back.

If you want to make contact with Penelope, you can email her through a handy dandy form on her page.

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2 thoughts on “Due to popular demand

    • Thanks! I think she’s pretty excited about having her own page. Next thing you know she’ll be writing her own blog posts! (If she ever wakes up from her 20 hours of napping a day, that is.)

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