Seven Things About Me

I was nominated by my favorite new blog, Apartment Envy, for the seven things about me award, for which I, wait for it, share 7 things about me.  Sounds fun right?

Thank you!  This is so fun.  Also, if you’re not reading her blog yet, you must check out “The Designer” and her awesome blog.  She will seriously make you envy her gorgeous apartment!  I mean just look at this staircase wall!

So here goes… 7 things about me huh?

  1. Everyone, and I mean everyone, thought I’d be the stricter parent. At this point it is clear that I spoil Penelope absolutely rotten and I let her get away with a LOT.
  2. I am an only child.  And never requested a sibling.  When (nosey) people asked if I wanted a little brother or sister, I would reply “No thanks.  I have two dogs and two cousins.”
  3. I love naps.  It’s the number one thing I love about working from home.  Taking a cat nap right after lunch.  (Shh, don’t tell my husband!)
  4. I don’t eat gluten.  I started cutting it out in mid-2009.  I do eat gluten when I travel for work.  I can eat gluten in Africa without getting sick and it’s often the only edible choice.  (I have carb withdrawal when I get home though).
  5. I am working on my PhD.  It is almost done.  Woohoo!
  6. I have very long arms.  My wingspan is more than 2 inches more than my height.  It  means I wear a LOT of 3/4 sleeve shirts.  And nothing with sleeves ever goes near the dryer.
  7. I love the color green. It has been a favorite for as long as I can remember.  But I can’t wear green.  It doesn’t work with my skin’s undertones and makes me look ill.  Lovely right?  I’ve solved the problem by decorating with it instead.

Gratuitous picture of Penelope, because posts without pictures are boring.

That was hard!  I hope those facts don’t bore you to tears.  Now for the fun part, I get to nominate some awesome ladies whose blogs I love love love (and you should check them out too)! In no particular order:


Simply Kelly

Bon Temps Beignet

Lattes and Leggings

One Lucky Girl

Pin Busting with Steph

Mrs in Training

And finally, the rules.  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. 2. Tell everyone seven things about yourself. 3. Choose 7 other blogs that you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

Thanks again to Apartment Envy for the nomination.


8 thoughts on “Seven Things About Me

  1. Hi Sarah! THANKS for thinking of me! It means so much to this blogging newbie to be recognized for anything at all. So sweet of you 🙂 and Penelope might be the sweetest pup I’ve ever seen!

    • Hi Stephanie! You’re welcome. I love your blog, so I want more people to discover your awesome pin-busting blog too. =) And thanks, we think Penelope is pretty darn adorable too!

  2. Penelope is amazing and I want to add her to my Fur-Baby collection! I very much love your childhood response to the sibling question and wish someone would have asked me my opinion on it before handing me 3 little brothers. Thanks for all the nice things you said about my little ol blog! 😀

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