September To Do List

Happy Labor Day!  We had an awesome early labor day celebration yesterday with some friends and neighbors.  There was amazing BBQ with both a vinegar based and bourbon based BBQ sauce.  It was amazing, but unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures.  Penelope got to come too & she spent the day playing with two German Shepherds and chasing the beer pong balls around.  (Yes, we’re probably too old to play beer pong.  Don’t judge.)

Anyways.  How is it labor day already?!?! Where did summer go?  At least we got some stuff done around here (see July and August progress reports here).  Since I work from home, my schedule hasn’t really changed, but I do feel like I deserve some new pens and notepads for some reason…  I blame my mother for spoiling me with fun school supplies every year. September might be a tad busy around here as I’ll be traveling for work, but I still have a full list of DIY projects to tackle.

So here’s the list:

1 & 2. Share the new living and dining room updates I’ve made & haven’t shared.  I’ll give you a couple of hints.

3. Share what my plans are for this diamond in the rough.  Don’t worry, we only kept the frame!

4. Address that big blank spot above my desk.

5. Do something with the frames in the entryway (to the left of the desk).  Although the woodpeckers and bees have grown on me in a strange way, I don’t think the duplicate prints are the kind of fashion statement I want to make.

6. Bonus points: Figure out how to build, & convince Andy to build, a super skinny console table for the entry way.  I seriously love this one from Michelle at Decor and the Dog but I think we may go with this type of structure instead but with the beat up real wood from inspiration #1.  I’m also thinking of just using an Ikea Billy in this spot.


Well that’s what’s on my to do list.  I’ll be sure to update you on my progress.  What do you have planned for September?


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