Because, apparently, you can never have enough Chevron

If you follow me on Instagram (thissarahloves) you might have noticed that I found grey and white chevron contact paper at TJ Maxx for a steal.  (I found it in the card / notepad aisle, hidden on the bottom shelf).

I immediately knew it was the perfect solution for my pine cabinet.  (I tried ordering some frosted contact paper from Amazon, but it turned out not to be frosted, and instead has a weird diamond pattern.  It looked awful, so it came right off again).  Here’s the pine cabinet with chevron paper on the doors’ glass inserts.

I think it’s come pretty far!

I also switched out the yellow poppy knobs for some clear crystal ones we had on a different cabinet.  I might upgrade them to some nice glass ones from Anthro at some point, but I like the clear much better than the yellow.  I also think the white legs make more sense now.

If you’re hunting for some contact paper with a chevron twist, here’s the label on the package.  I paid $6 for two rolls, totaling around 30 sq feet.  If you’re looking for some, I hope you find it!  This is more fun to play with that your average boring shelf paper!

I also decided to use my shelf paper in some other spots.  I lined my sweater drawer, and my little make-up tray (to make it wipeable).  I still have about 3.5 rolls left, so I also plan on lining the back bookshelf in which we store our glassware to brighten things up a bit, and I think perhaps my nightstand drawers could use some chevron too.

What would you line with Chevron if you had 4 rolls of contact paper?


8 thoughts on “Because, apparently, you can never have enough Chevron

    • Thank for the kind comment Teresa! Yea, the other day my husband said “you and the chevron”. He didn’t have to say anything else, clearly I have gone a little overboard! Oh well, I love it! I also like that I can easily change it when it goes out of style.

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