August in Review

At the beginning of the month I posted a list of things I’d like to accomplish in August.

As per the first photo, one item on the list was to hang up the stack of frames I had lying around the house.  I finally decided on hanging them in the master bedroom.  I’m not sure that I love it as much as the other gallery walls in the house, but I’m glad they’re finally off the floor. Perhaps I should tweak the art in the frames a bit, to get it to look just right.

Continuing in the master bedroom, I also set a goal to update our super boring master bedroom by sewing some pillow covers for our bed.  Once I settled on the fabric to use, it took less than 30 minutes!  One side is a fun teal chevron and the other side has some lighter teal blue dots.

The last three things on my list were all for the guest room.   I planned on painting my $5 thrift store chair that I use as a desk chair in the guest room. I also wanted to paint my universe-donated wooden frame and turn it into a chalkboard.   Although I initially attempted to paint the chair yellow, due to some technical difficulties, both the chair and the mirror are blue.  And I LOVE the color!

I also did some other things.

  1. I sewed a cute little scatter cushion for the guest room bed
  2. I made a delicious peach & almond torta (twice)
  3. I re-covered my thrift store find chair
  4. I found some GORGEOUS dining room chairs
  5. I fixed last month’s painted frame flop
  6. I hung my $25 gallery wall in the entryway.
  7. I found a new lamp & updated the bookshelf in the living room.

Well that’s what I got up to this month!  Did you get anything checked off your to do list?  Stay tuned for my September list!


3 thoughts on “August in Review

    • Thanks Amy! I really appreciate your sweet comments. I like having the blog, because it gives me the extra push I need to be creative when I’m feeling lazy. 🙂

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