New Dining Room Chairs!

Well there’s no clever title, so I won’t make you wait. Here they are! My gorgeous new dining room chairs!

As you may know, I’ve added a few thrift store chairs to our home recently.  Chair 1 and chair 2 were intended for the dining room.  Chair 3 (the blue one) is for the guest room.  I figured that for $5 a chair, these would work great until I found the perfect chairs.  Chair #1 is hanging out in a corner in the guest room & Chair #2 is in the entryway.  Chair #3 is still at the desk in the guest room.  This works for now & I’ll figure out if we want to get rid of any of these.

Yesterday, while shopping for new dress shirts for my husband, I made him stop by Home Goods since it’s right there.  I wanted to see if they had Halloween Dog outfits (which they did, and I’ll post more about that in October).  As we were headed for the exit, I spotted these chairs.  I stopped.  I sat in them.  I made him sit in them. (He didn’t make the uncomfortable face – yay!)  I walked away.  I walked back. I called my mom.  I emailed a picture to my mom.  After she had the same reaction of instant love, I loaded four of them in the cart.

This is the picture I snapped in the store. (Yup, that price tag says $129)  And the chairs they reminded me of from West Elm (which retail for $299 each).  Most importantly, they reminded me of a chair (that’s currently in my parents’ house) that was made by a great-great (great?) grandfather of mine.

My husband’s main concern was if I think they’d be an OK match with our black-brown Ikea table.  Luckily for me (and the chairs) the dining table is definitely not my forever table.  But I have a feeling these chairs will stick around for a while!

I’d love to upgrade to a white table at some point.  Look how great the white table looks with the wood chairs here:

And some more pictures of the new & improved dining room.  The fourth chair is currently hanging out in our bedroom.  We really love the functionality of the bench, but I know that when we get a bigger table I’d regret only getting 3 chairs.

Aren’t they beautiful?

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