New Lamp in the Living Room

Our living room needed a bit of tweaking. The top of the bookshelf (between the couch and sliding door) needed some styling. (You can sort of see it in the background here). I realized I wanted a bit of height there, and immediately thought of this lamp since it looks like a vase, but can provide some warmth in the room and act as a nightlight for the front rooms when we have guests.  Don’t want guests stubbing their toes on the furniture!

Luckily, they still have these around & I found one in blue at Home Goods!  I think if I had the choice I might have picked a green one, but I really like the pop of blue in the corner of the room.

The white pot on top holds Penelope’s treats.  I’d like to get an actual plant in there, but our Home Depot’s prices on indoor plants are insane.  So that’s on hold for now.  The bookcase holds our glassware and some party dishes (like our square cocktail plates and small cheese cutting boards).

My grey vase (from my clearance aisle find) is still in the same spot, but I switched out the red elephant that I had there for the “thinking man” that I picked up in Ghana a few years ago.  I like the how the wood pops in front of the blue lamp – I think this is the first time I found a good place for the wooden guy. (I’ve even threatened to spray paint him white out of frustration!)

So that’s it.  Just a quick little update in the living room.  Have you made any quick updates lately?


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