Favorite Finds

A lot of my favorite bloggers seem to post regularly or semi-regularly about their favorite finds.  I thought it would be fun for me to do so too.  I’m not going to set a schedule for when I’ll do these, but I try to do at least one every couple* of months.

* Please note I use the term “couple” with the international definition in mind, where it means anything more than 1 and less than 4 or 5 or so, not the American definition of exactly two.  A yes, I know a couple is two people, but if I say I ate “a couple of cookies” it does not necessarily imply that I only ate two. (And now you get why this international definition of “couple” is a good thing, right?)


1.  I want lamps similar to this Ikea Barometer Lamp for our bedroom (as discussed here).  I haven’t bough them because (a) these lamps are EXPENSIVE, (b) I can’t decide on a finish, (c) Ikea is pretty far away.  But when looking through their latest sales flyer, I noticed that their barometer lamp had a price reduction in their latest, “lets make you regret everything your bought here in the past for way more money” price reductions.  Yup, the barometer lamps now retails for $30 each – which is a 40% savings!  Woot.

2. The Gabriel Grey Throw from Crate and Barrel looks super cozy.  It’s $70, so it’s a little pricey, but at least it’s machine washable.

3. This “Too Much of a Good Thing” pillow from Pottery Barn is fun, but still sophisticated.  $40.

4. Bringing in a fun pop of yellow, these “Diehl Vases” from Crate and Barrel would work great in a Fall Arrangement, but would be equally great in Spring and Summer. $80 – $100.

5. This bamboo bowl from Ikea is just $6!  I think it would be great to use as a fruit bowl & I bet you could change the color relatively easily if you don’t like the black.

6.  These striped pillows from Ikea remind me of these pillows from Crate and Barrel, but at $15 for two the Ikea pillows are much more affordable!

7.  This gorgeous wrap bench from CB2 falls squarely in the Safari Chic look that I love. At $400 it probably won’t be coming home with me anytime soon, but I may visit it’s website a few times just to say hi.

Have you spotted any favorites recently?


4 thoughts on “Favorite Finds

    • Glad I’m not the only one who “visits” over-priced furniture! I seriously don’t know why the bench is $400. I’m almost tempted to attempt a DIY – it’s just wood and rope after all, but I doubt I can make it look anywhere near as good.

      • Want to know something sneaky about CB2? They sell the floor model at a big discount if they don’t have any in stock at the store. Maybe you can get lucky if you ask? But you’ll have to fight me for it — I’m in DC, too! 😉

        • That’s a good thing to know about CB2! Too bad there’s not enough CB2s to go around so we can each get a clearance priced floor model of that bench! =)

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