Master Bedroom Pillow Makeover

This weekend I finally got my act together & sewed some two-sided pillow covers for our bed.  I recently moved the king size pillows we used to have on our bed onto the guest bed.  Our bed has been looking very sad since then, so it was about time to give it a little pillow makeover!  Also, it’s part of my August to do list, so I had to get on it!

UPDATE: Tutorial for sewing these dual-sided pillow covers can be found here.

What do you think?  The Chevron fabric is from G street fabrics and the Circle Fabric is from Jo-Anns (a while ago).  I like that I can change the look of the bed with a simple pillow flip!  I also like that the queen size pillows cover up less of the headboard.

Here are the nightstands in their current state.  These are from my husband and his brother’s childhood bedroom.  My mother-in-law had painted the black for the boys many years ago, but I thought something more fun and colorful would be better in our bedroom. I hadn’t had a chance to poly the grey parts before we moved, and they got badly scuffed and chipped during the move, so they need some TLC.  I’m thinking of mixing up some brown chalk paint and repainting them to match better with our new bed. (Without being too matchy matchy.)  I think the blue drawer fronts make for a nice pop of color & they match nicely with the pillow fabric I picked out.

Here’s a full view of the bed wall.  Funny story.  Turns out the floor is not level.  As in NOT AT ALL.  I had to intentionally skew the picture above the bed to get it in line with the slope of the headboard.  Problem is, the ceiling isn’t sloping to the same extent, so no matter what I line that picture up with, something looks a little off.  Good times.

Obviously, we need to update our lamps.  I moved one of the green lamps into the guestroom, but then realized that I still need one next to my bed.  I also want to switch out our alarm clocks for iPhone charging alarm clocks.  Or at least something small and sleek!

I’m considering one of these style lamps for our bedsides.  What do you think about the color?  Should I go with bronze or silver?

Well that’s my quick change for our master bedroom.  (And I didn’t even have to break out the seam ripper!)

Oh and that scatter cushion on the bed is my anniversary present form the hubs.  You can get your own right here.

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8 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Pillow Makeover

  1. Hi, Sarah! Good idea sewing the fabrics back to back. It’s always good to have options. The chevron is my favorite, but you saw my chevron purchase this weekend. I blame pinterest for my obsession with chevrons. Great job! xoxo Kristin

    • Thanks Kristy. I think I’m a little obsessed with Chevron at the moment too! Earlier today I realized I have something chevron in every room of the house (except the kitchen and the bathroom). Although I have to admit, my first thought wasn’t “hmm, that’s probably too much chevron” it was “hmm, I think I need some chevron dish towels”.

    • Thanks! I was so glad when you said you thought the fabrics looked good together when I posted about trying to decide between them – I was concerned that they weren’t a close enough match to use together. I’m really happy I went with double sided – it’s fun to get to choose which side to put in front when I make the bed! (And anything that makes making the bed more fun is a good thing in my book.)

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