Yellow Chair Blue: The DIY Chalk Paint Adventure Continues

Are you sick of reading about my DIY chalk paint adventures yet?  I hope not!  But just in case you are, I have a non-paint related post coming up later today, so make sure to check back in the afternoon!

When I painted the picture frame I shared on Tuesday, I also painted the guest room chair.  You can see a before here.  As I mentioned on Monday, my yellow paint was a nightmare to work with (especially compared to the blue paint I used on the frame).  After one coat I had a streaky mess on my hands.

Oh and excuse the pictures, I was painting on top of the dining room table & wasn’t about the move the chair just for pictures.

But I didn’t stop there.  I gave it about 5 more coats.  By then I had good coverage on the seat and the top, but the streaks on the back and legs were pretty awful.  The paint distressed beautifully, but I just couldn’t deal with the streaks.

So I dragged the chair outside and sanded the whole thing down with 100 grit.  If only the legs had the same kind of coverage I achieved on the rest of it…

I decided to follow my mother’s advice and mixed up a batch of my blueberry twist chalk paint.  I made extra sure that I measured everything exactly as Sharon says to in her description.  I marked 4 lines on my container in 50ml increments.  Don’t trust the marks already on your container if you use the little plastic paint bucket – measure it out with water first!  I used 50ml Plaster of Paris (to the first line) which I then mixed with 3 tablespoons of water until I had a smooth runny paste.  Then I added paint to the fourth line (so 150 ml of paint in total) and stirred everything well.

I could immediately tell that the paint was thicker and the mixture just seemed right.   I got pretty good coverage on the first coat – although I dabbed rather than brushed the paint on the the back and legs.  I let it dry and lightly sanded the back with sand paper to knock down any paint drips.  A quick second coat was all I needed to erase all evidence of yellow. A now the yellow chair is the blue chair.

And just keeping things real around here, the chair is still hanging out on the dining room table.  I just finished it’s first coat of wipe on poly and will probably do a second coat before it moves back into the guest room.

Update: A friendly reader left a nice comment pointing out that I never did discuss why I think the yellow paint failed.  First, the yellow paint was MUCH runnier than the blue paint right from the start.  I think this is either because I somehow didn’t get Behr Ultra Plus paint and primer in one for the yellow paint OR that because the blue and yellow used two different paint bases, that the yellow’s base was just runnier.  Second, I sanded the frame because it was filthy and it was an easy way to get rid of dirt and cobwebs.  Believing everything I read online, I didn’t sand the chair, before I jumped in with the painting. (You’d think I’d learned my lesson on that one by now).  I think that made everything worse because the paint just didn’t have anything to grip onto.  It might work with ASCP but I’m sanding from now on with my DIY chalk paint.

If you have any questions about my chalk paint adventure feel free to leave a comment or email me at thissarahloves [@] gmail [dot] com.


15 thoughts on “Yellow Chair Blue: The DIY Chalk Paint Adventure Continues

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  3. I am a big fan of talking about your disasters. It gives the rest of us a chance to learn from other’s mistakes. I have a whopper of one on my blog with an art deco hutch… I am still trying to figure out a way to save it. But, that is the whole point – live and learn. Thanks!

    • Thanks! It’s such a fun color. It’s Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Bueberry Twist. I was concerned that it would be a pain to work with since it’s so saturated, but it had great coverage!

    • You have too many quality pieces of furniture that would be a shame to paint. We should go thrift store shopping when I visit, maybe for a side table or two for the guest room that we can paint?

  4. I’m not at all tired of chalk paint tutorials. I still haven’t tried it yet but I’ve got some projects in mind. It’s good to know you can “fix” things if it doesn’t turn out how you want. Thanks for the encouragement, your chair looks great!


    • Thanks Lynn! I’d say start small but try it out. I enjoy working with the chalk paint much more than regular latex paint! I started on a picture frame I found by the dumpster, so it was a pretty low-cost project! Even though I ran into some issues with the chair, it was nothing a little patience, sanding, and a few more coats of paint couldn’t fix! I hope you’ll share when you’ve completed your first project.

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