More Chalky Goodness: Blue Frame Chalkboard

Welcome visitors from Power of Paint! & a great bit thanks  to Maryann for featuring my frame!  This was such a fun project – I recommend that everyone try making some DIY chalk paint to see what the fuss is all about.  You can see the quote I added to my chalkboard here and how the guestroom looks with all of the recent updates here. Thanks for visiting! Sarah

Chalk Paint + Chalkboard Contact Paper = Fun Wall Accent

Yesterday, I talked about my adventures DIYing my own chalk paint using Elizabeth & Co’s recipe.  Here are the results of my newly painted frame (in Behr’s “Blueberry Twist“), after some distressing.

It was super easy to distress & I love how it turned out!  I have yet to seal it with something.  Any advice on whether wax or poly is better?  Also, if you vote for wax, what kind would you recommend?

For the chalkboard insert, I simply found a piece of cardboard that I could cut down to size (an old cardboard box).  I then carefully stuck my chalkboard contact paper down, making sure to rub out any bubbles that formed.  Easy as pie!  Well actually, probably MUCH easier than making a pie.  Maybe as easy as eating a pie?  Here it is on the desk.  (You can see my original inspiration here).

Based on my experience I would definitely recommend this DIY chalk paint BUT make sure you use nice thick paint.  After playing around with the mixture some more, I’m 100% convinced that I got poor coverage with the yellow paint because it was thinner than the blue paint.

Here’s a side-by-side before and after for your viewing pleasure.

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