Weekend Progress: DIY Chalk Paint Adventures

After finding this recipe on how to make DIY chalk paint, I decided to give it a try.  I figured I didn’t have that much to lose, since it would be significantly cheaper than buying the real stuff from Annie Sloan.  So off to Home Depot I went to gather up some paint samples and Plaster of Paris.

The blue paint mixed easily & painting with it was a breeze.  Below you can see my progress on that old wooden frame someone donated to the universe a few weeks ago.

The yellow paint was a different story.  Below you can see the coverage I got on my first coat.  Yikes!  About 75 coats later (well more like 6, but you know what I mean) it looks a little better, but I still have much streakiness on the legs and back spindels.  I think I might give it one last coat this evening & then attack it with some sandpaper when it’s dry.  Other  than time, I’ve invested less than $10 in this chair (including the chair itself) so if I end up donating it to the universe, I’m okay with that too.

What did you do this weekend? Any chalk paint experiments?  Other craft experiments?


11 thoughts on “Weekend Progress: DIY Chalk Paint Adventures

  1. I just signed up to follow you as I am painting a bunch of pieces in Annie Sloan and I’ve invested a bunch of money in the paint, wax and wax brushes. I linked up to you from another blog that featured your picture frame. That led me to the yellow chair. I went all over forward and back on your posts and never could find what the failed yellow paint consisted of. Was it a DIY chalk paint with another brand of latex or something. I was really curious to know what was that paint recipe and how it differed from the Blueberry. Thanks.

    PS: I am a newbie to blog following and for months I only followed Miss Mustard Seed. I have found that some blogs tell you things and end up not working out so that’s why I was so interested in your yellow paint adventure. I am painting some Goodwill half price day furniture with the shiny white laminate tops. The first piece I followed directions from a YouTube contributor who said to paint this stuff you should sand down until you had some brown freckles in the white, then cover with a couple of coats of bonding primer. That worked out very well and then I coated with Annie Sloan. The next piece I had seen someone that said you could just go with the chalk paint over the top of the “whiteboard looking laminate top.” (Why not save the time i thought!) That worked horribly and when I was waxing all the paint came off the top without the sanding and primer with each stroke of the wax brush. I then put a couple of coats of white Zinnser on top and re-painted. The piece had the top removed as i converted the top drawer space to a media cabinet for my DVR, etc. with a hole in the back for cords, etc. When I was waxing i inadvertently knoced the top off of a saw horse and it landed on the corner. That caused a bunch of cracks in the paint and I found that the paint peeled off the top in large sheets when I sanded this area to correct the problem! I didn’t take off all the chalk paint before the new coats of primer which was the mistake I found. I sanded everything down again and got down to the brown freckles again and I’ve put three coats of the Brown oil based Zinsser on it and it is ready for the chalk paint again. Wish me luck!

    • Hi Lou Ann! Thanks for the follow. The blue frame and yellow chair (now blue chair) were my first chalk paint adventures, so I’m definitely still learning too. I was so mad at the yellow paint that I ended up throwing it out before I snapped a picture of the little sample pot I got. I believe that it was either that I accidentally did NOT get the Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint and primer in one for the yellow paint OR that for some reason the yellow paint was just much runnier than the blue paint because they were made with two different paint bases. Also, the framed I painted was a rough wood and I gave it a quick sand to get rid of all the dirt and cobwebs. I, also believing the stuff I read online, didn’t sand the chair before I started with the yellow paint & I think that was a BIG mistake. I’ve been thinking about painting a laminate piece too – and I definitely think you need primer to make it work (centsationalgirl has a great how to paint laminate furniture tutorial on her blog). I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your piece works out this time! I’d love to see a picture when you’ve completed it. Sarah

      • Sarah, thanks so much for the quick reply. i’ve been wanting to try the DIY chalk paint idea and really enjoyed your description. I have some different paint leftovers and now I think you’ve confirmed that it is pretty important to use the right base paint. I’d love to send a picture of my “adventures” but don’t know how to attach a picture when i’m posting a comment. Do I have to have your email address or can I do it to a post like the one i’m typing now? AND, i do I do it?

      • After my second comment i went back to my email and found a new post from the girl at “In MY Own Style.” There in her blog today i found her recipe for DIY chalk paint. She used a cup of Glidden Paint, 2 Tbls. of Non-sanded grout, and says add a little water to mix it but doesn’t say how much. She also says that the more powder you add the “chalkier” the paint will be. She posts another tutorial on how she painted a piece and suggest using Glidden Gripper Primer. It seems that everyone has their own favorite primer.

        • More grout or plaster of paris (depending on your recipe of choice) may be the key for runnier paints! I’ve only ever used Zinsser Cover Stain primer (as recommended by Centsational Girl http://www.centsationalgirl.com/2010/04/go-right-ahead-and-paint-that-laminate/) but recently I’ve been thinking of trying out Kilz Clean Start primer (as recommended by Young House Love http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/06/paneling-the-bane-of-our-existence/) for its low VOC properties – since I mostly paint indoors. I definitely think everyone has their own favorites, and I try to stick to the recommendations of my favorite blogs and some experimenting of my own. It wouldn’t be DIY if we didn’t feel like pulling our hair out occasionally, right? Sarah

          • Before my baby was born (she’ll be 29 on 9/8- yikes!!) we moved into a fixer upper in Mineral Wells TX. All the walls were hideous pattern like with the big flat circular brush that makes the sheet rock mud look like sunbursts all over the place. Back then Wallpaper was the thing and I wanted wallpaper everywhere including grasscloth in the foyer, etc. I learned how to sand down the pointie things on the walls and smooth sheet rock mud over the walls to make them smooth. We used the Kiltz primer that you thin with acetone and that’s what I had to clean everything up with as well. I have a quart of the water based stuff in the garage and have used that on some walls over the years before repainting with great success. i bought some Zinsser water based and a qt. of oil to test to see which worked better. I don’t think I can see much difference on the painted furniture but after I had the problem with the peeling sheets of paint I thought I should use the oil based Zinsser with the brown label. I find that painting (no matter how many times i have to redo it) calms me and I lose track of time out in the garage. Of course I’m retired and have lots of time on my hands. When I was a PTA mom I took tole painting classes each Thursday morning and it was like so cool to spend some time with other like minded women while we painted. Like going to group therapy Looking forward to your blog posts!

  2. So glad you gave the recipe a try and were pleased with the results! I’ve found that different paint reacts a bit differently and sometimes you need to play with the proportions a bit. I’ve been especially happy with the Behr paint and primer in one. I use a ton of paint and this is a nice thrifty alternative to the expensive stuff. Hope you have fun playing with paint. And thanks so much for the link back!

    • I think next time I’ll try the Behr paint and primer in one! I just repainted the yellow chair in blue and got beautiful coverage, so I’m blaming the yellow paint (even though it was the exact same regular Behr paint as the blue sample.)

  3. I love that chair. What about doing it in the same blue you used for the frame. The blue should work very well die bedroom. I am looking for stuff in my house to paint!

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