August To Do List

I know we’re almost a week into August, but who’s really keeping track, right?

This month’s to do list has mostly small projects as it looks like I’ll have a pretty busy schedule.  Here it is, the 5 fun things, I plan on accomplishing this month. I’ll try to aim for one a week.

1. Paint the wooden frame in the guest room and 2. turn it into a chalk board.

3. Paint the guest room chair (you can barely see it peeking out in the picture below)

4. Sew decorative cushion covers for the master bedroom. Look how sad our bed looks here.

5. Pick a wall (guest room, master bedroom, entryway) and hang all the art stacked against the wall in the guestroom, including this fun Zebra print I got last week.

I’ll post about my progress & I’ll be sure to include all 5 items in my August wrap-up post (including any issues I may run into, like last month’s no-sanding no-priming painting snafu…).


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